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KALViCK Technologies (KALViCK) is a Total-Technology Solution provider with capabilities in Engineering Product Innovation, Production & Manufacturing Technology, Software Product Development, Software Application Management and Technology Integration Solutions, for Cross-Industry Multi-Disciplinary Realms involving / including Technology Consulting, Project Management, Specialising in Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Semantic Web Technologies, Pervasive Mobile Computing - RFID / NFC Technologies, Development of Comprehensive IoT, M2M & Automotive Telematics Platform delivering Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle to Marine GPS Tracking with PTO (Monitor Power Take Off - Switches & Sensors Usage) augmentation, Fleets' Drive Profiling & Management with Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD), Location Based Services (LBS), In-Vehicle-Infotainment, Big Data Business Intelligence & Analytics, delivering Total Product / Project Management Services / Solutions / Consulting & Outsourcing for its worldwide client base

  • High Potential and High Performance
  • Collaborative and Creative
  • Actively behind New Knowledge
  • Always State-of-the-Art
  • Proven Successful Value Proposition
  • Delivers Cost-Efforts-Value Synergism
  • Non-Partisan Open Technology Exponent
  • Emergent Technologies Early-Adopter

Our custom-built tools help us understand the complex business environments of our customers and enable us to automate the development of new business processes. Thus we develop not only solutions to the problems but also tools to arrive at solutions for such problems.

Our technology tools, platforms, architecture and frameworks act as the glue necessary to bridge enterprise technology gaps for faster times to benefits and help us focus on delivering advanced and cost effective business functionality thereby significantly reduce risk and accelerate delivery.

Thus we have helped more than 500+ Companies worldwide modernize their business process, add core business value, reduce development risks and compliment / supplement with principle business solutions quickly and reliably is the key to our success.

We have proven / established track record of rich expertise / experience in delivering, enhancing & maintaining the Diverse Techno-Commercial Values of the real world cross-industry, cross-functional systems for various Business Domains.

Quality Deliverance...
Quintessential Intelligence...

We dedicate the best at what we do;
doing it for you and doing it well;
Be a cut above the rest
and have a Collaborative DEAL, that's I D E A L.

Intelligent, Innovative,
E-Empowering, E-Business, E-Engineering
Adaptive, Accretive

Software Technology :
Engineering Manufacture :
Project Management :
Systems Consulting
eBusiness : eEngineer : eEmpower Culminate,..We Embark Now...

To be your IDEAL Collaborative Kinetic Partner, Value Provider / Enhancer,...

    ...in the Realms of
    E-Engineering, E-Empowering, E-Business
    Systems' Dynamics,
  • with the most Innovative, Intelligent Knowledge-Enabled Adaptive, Accretive Lineage,
  • Indigenous, Feature-Rich & Future-Proof Products with Custom-Built Adaptive Strategic Framework,
  • blending appropriately the Contemporary Infrastructure, Proven Technologies, Teamwork Solutions,
  • Imbibing Emerging Technological Practices & Methodologies Effectively,,
  • Delivering Optimal High Value Products, Solutions and Services.

... in the Realms of E-Engineering,
System Dynamics...

...Proven Cost-Efforts-Value Synergetic Deliverables for Automotive,
Nuclear Medicine,

  • Software Technology

    with KALViCK

Software Technology

E-Business Realm

Independent Software Vendor, with Focus on Software Development, Management and Implementation viz.

  • Scientific Systems Software
  • Business Process Software
  • Embedded Systems Software
  • Enterprise Mobile Convergence
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Knowledge Enabled Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Semantic Web Technologies
  • Pervasive Mobile Computing
  • RFID / NFC Technologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • M2M, IoT & Telematics Platform
  • Embedded Automotive - ECU / MCU
  • AUTOSAR Software Development
  • HMI / UI / UX Development
  • In-Vehicle Networking
    • CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Engineering Manufacture

    with KALViCK

Engineering Manufacture

E-Engineering Realm

Focus for developments in Concurrent Engineering Manufacture, covering technological and scientific research with developments in manufacturing viz.

  • Engineering Product Innovation
    • CAD / CAM / CAE, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping
  • Manufacturing / Production Technology
  • Precision Tooling Manufacture
    • Plastics Molds, SheetMetal Dies, Diecasting Dies, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Robotics, Machine Learning
  • Electro-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Mechanical Machinery
  • PLC / MicroProcessor Automations
  • Automotive Precision Components
    • SheetMetal, Plastics, DieCasting Components Manufacture & Assembly
    • Adaptive & Modular Tooling of family / stack, hot runner, extrusion, wax pattern, ceramic compound, gas asisited-injection, compression, transfer, rubber, vacuumforming, thermoforming, Blow Rotamolding, multi-colour, film extrusion
  • Automotive Embedded Electronics
    • MEMS / Electronic Sensors' System Manufacture
  • Automated Production Lines
    • Design & Construction of Special Purpose Machines
  • Project Management

    with KALViCK

Project Management

E-Empowering Realm

Focus on achieving all of the project goals / objectives while honoring the scope, time, quality, budget by optimizing the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives, viz.

  • Collaborative Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Programme Management
  • Service / Reliability Systems
    • Total Quality Assurance Management
    • Information Security Systems
      • Management & Auditing
    • ITIL - Service Delivery, PaaS, SaaS
  • ITES & BPO Automation
    • CADD, HR Training,
    • Recruitment, Benefits & Payroll,
    • E-Publishing, Content Management & Transformation,
    • Affiliate Marketing, Resource Outsourcing & Management,
    • Scientific, Technical, Industrial Research & Development,
    • Techno-Commercial Market Research
  • Project Logistics
  • AGILE Project Management...
    • SCRUM, Extreme Programming (XP)
    • Extreme Manufacturing (XM), KANBAN
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
    • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • CMMI, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
    • Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP)
    • Six-Sigma, Kaizen, Poka-yoke
  • Safety / Security Systems Integration
    • Identity, TimeAttendance / Access Control
    • Video Surveillance, Fire Safety / Intrusion Alarms
    • Green Building Management Systems
  • Systems Consulting

    with KALViCK

Systems Consulting

E-Empowering Realm

Focus for Systems Consulting viz.

  • Quality Systems Consulting
    • Certification, Regulations, Audit
    • AS 9100 — ISO 13485
    • ISO 9001 — GMP
  • Enterprise Product Systems
    • Concurrent Engineering, Product Data Management
  • Cognitive / Software Systems
    • Scientific, Technical, Industrial Research & Development
  • Corporate Talent Enhancement
    • Corporate Talent Enhancement Workshops
    • Training Programmes on
      • Contemporary Technologies
      • Technical / Business Skills
  • TranzCalibre Informaticsstrengthen, expand / advance democratic values & practices to build political and civic organisations, equally safeguard elections, promote citizen participation, openness / transparency and accountability in National Governance
    • Scientific Insight and Data-Driven Analytics based Strategic Consulting with Practical Assistance
    • To Ethically build your Corporate, Public, Civic and Political Esteem values / reputations
  • Synergistic Academia Practice & Diligent Intern Programme
    • Bridge Academic Institutions with Industries
  • Web, eCommerce, Mobile / Cloud & MBaaS Enablement Systems
    • Progressive Web Applications - (BootStrap / AngularJS / VueJS / ReactJS)
    • Mobile Native Platform - (iOS, iPhone, Swift, Android, Windows Mobile),
    • Mobile Cross-Platform - (Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova, JME),
    • eCommerce Web Sites - (PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Joomla, Codeigniter, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal),
    • Web Applications - (Node.Js, php, JEE, Python),
    • Web Services - (SOA RESTful API, JAX-RS, eclipselink, Jersey, Spring, Hibernate),
    • Brand Identity Management

Our Business Domains